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As an Executive Director

I successfully navigated 5 seasons of financial and artistic excellence, operating with a yearly balanced budget of $950,000.  Managed a full time staff of 7 and kept track of a 15 member Board of Directors.  I have successful and proven fund raising skills including "one-to-one" asks, public appeals and as a skilled grant writer.  My background in leadership from the United States Air-Force, combined with my years of working in hospital and corporate settings has given me the skillsets needed to operate within and successfully communicate with large corporate institutions.  My years in professional non-profit theatre have also given me the language and communication skills to work collaboratively with a large cross-section of other job disciplines, including vendors, patrons, union representatives, actor's, director's, designer's and I am fluent in all dialects of stage hand.  I am a compassionate and empathetic leader who instills loyalty, support and faith by leading by example. I embraced the principals of diversity, equity and inclusion years ago as even then, it was an obvious wya to bring out the best in individuals and for the health of an organizations.

Some of my Executive Director beliefs

March 20th, 2020.  A Tectonic Shift. 

The performing arts world (as was most of the world) changed forever that day. Failure to recognize and acknowledge the impact this has had on the way the arts are created, presented and consumed will be organization ending.  I am here to do what I can to prevent the shuttering of venues.


An amazing response to a disastrous time.

We became content creators, streaming entertainment services and outdoor venue operators all in a few short months. 

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