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My Projects

My mind is a restless idea/project/innovation producing machine.  I can always edit to adjust to  operational realities. Budgets, time constraints, people power, etc.  These are a few projects that stand out in my mind.  On a personal note, NONE of these would have been as successful as they were without the expertise and chutzspah of some very dedicated believers.


The same story told From two different perspectives is almost never the same story. For the first time anywhere, a story was told from the viewpoint of the parents in one part of a house, while in another, we live the story through the eyes of the families children.  Proof positive that two vastly different theatre companies can colaborate successfully and create new and innovative experiences for all ages.

Artistic Directors Adam Burke (Children's Theatre of Charlotte and Chip Decker (Actor's Theatre of Charlotte) working on scripts for the Dual Perspectives Project

From the start, nuVoices was going to be a different kind of new play festival.  Readings and awards are nice.  An Actual production?  Unheard of.  I set out to change the new play festival for good.


An audacious response to the Pandemic years.  An outdoor, safe, socially distanced theatre event with the breezy feel of a summer concert.  Audiences and artists alike needed to let loose for a few nights.

What to do with the events surrounding a paranoid and homophobic attack on the arts in a small Southern city that reverberated nationwide?  Turn it into a comedy, of course!

Playwright Eric Coble pens the hilarious, insightful and (almost) true story of biggest art news story of the 90's!


Artistic Director Chip Decker and Playwright Eric Coble celebrate opening night of Eric's comedy, "Southern Rapture"

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